Accounting for Non-Accountants

— Cheryl K., Tennessee

“I have worked in accounting for over twenty- five years, and this is the best book I have seen to help people with the basics of accounting.”

— J. Rose, Missouri

“Dr. Label’s explanations are simple and straightforward. The step by step examples are easy to digest and make sense as they build on each other.”

— M. Singson, California

“Usually ‘accounting’ is intimidating for ordinary people, but I like this book very much because it explains the concepts in a simple manner. It helps you feel comfortable looking at financial statements and making basic analysis. This will help me a lot as I set up my own business.”

— Ramon E. Hall, Colorado
“For an engineer trying to do volunteer bookkeeping and accounting,this book is a good overview. It presents bookkeeping and accounting in a step- by- step, understandable manner.”
— Daniel Balfour, New York

“It’s both an excellent cover- to- cover read as well as a great reference.”

— Chun J.Shin,Pennsylvania

“I bought this book because, as a non-accountant, I wanted to learn about it for work , and i found it very helpful. The author made ideas very easy to understand. I liked the examples and especially liked the glossaries at the end of each chapter.”

— Dorothy Do, California

“This Book is an excellent refresher. It has certainly enhanced my accounting knowledge and practice after using it. Thank You Dr.Label very much for your good work.”

— Wayne A., Florida

“Excellent Book. It was a real boon in helping me to review accounting practies.”

— Cornellius Mwandila

“I run a service and maintenance business in Botswana. When I started the business I didn’t know where to post transactions, read financial statements, or come up with a budget. Once I bought your book , I have been able to under stand these accounting concepts more and apply them to my day-to-day business activities. I thank you for this gem of a gift and look forward to third edition.”

— Ian Eddie, Professor Southern Cross University, Australia

“Normal business students try to avoid learning accounting, but with Dr.Label’s book understanding accounting is easy. I’ve found students who have used this book have quickly grasped the concepts and practices of accounting and gone on to not only pass their accounting subject but to successfully complete their business degree. i recommend this book for all students of business.”

— Richard Downen, Executive Coach, Southern Carolina

“Although I have many books on finance, Investments, and banking, there was a lack of fundamental accounting information in my personal library. I surfed the internet looking for a basic book and eventually decided to visit a nearby Barnes and Noble. Your Book was in the business accounting section and title hit a chord with me because several times a year I facilitate a three-day business acumen course for engineers on behalf of a global diversified manufacturing company. Your Book seemed like a great fit as part of a specific coaching engagement i am on to help an executive with basic accounting concepts and skills.”

— Ramon A. Ramos, Full Professor, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

“I had the pleasant experience of having read and applied in my classes the book accounting for Non-Accountants. Firstly, I found myself in front of a book not only easy to read, but easy to understand. Secondly, i introduced the book to my Accounting and Finance Students…big success. I saved a lot of time introducing them to the basics of Accounting.”

— Ryosuke Tatsuguchi, Malaysia

“Dr Wayne, Although my accounting experience is very short, i found the book was a very good tool for the united States and other countries since the book mentions both accounting knowledge of the united states and other countries. It is also quite reasonably priced.Since it has its own website I can ask you questions as well.Usually, if I gets lessons at a U.S. university, it costs a tremendous amount of tution fee.”

Thank You for making this information available and easy to understand for a non-accountant.

— Phannapha Duangsuwan Secretary, Skulkrit Ltd. Thailand

In Thailand, like in other countries of the world, often accounting is either misunderstood or misapplied. I am so glad that I

had the opportunity to use your book in our MBA program. The most important concept to me was control to use the benefit of accounting in the right way. The material was easy to understand,and I know it will benefit me personally and professionally in the future.


— Thomas R. McLean, MD, JD, FCLM, ESQ. President of the American College of Legal Medicine

Healthcare and Medical Office Accounting

All professionals should have a fundamental knowledge of the principles of accounting. Such information can be obtained by taking an
accounting 101 course or by reading Drs. Label’s and Havins’ 2nd edition of “The Doctor’s Guide to Owning a Financially Health Practice.”
Having done both, Drs. Label’s and Havins’ is much more concise.This book provides all details that non-accounts need to know about
Balance Sheets, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Analysis.

— Dee Silver, MD

“This book on Accounting for Medical Practitioners is very helpful for managing and understanding financial aspects of my practice..”

— Kenneth W. Houchin, MD, Neuro-ophthalmologist, Las Vegas, Nevada and Elko, Nevada

“This book contains the accounting essentials and other business information necessary to operate an efficient medical practice. I highly recommend this book for solo and small group medical practices.”

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