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Accounting for Non-Accountants

Accounting for Non-Accountants is the must-have guide for all of us who have never taken an accounting class, are mystified by accounting jargon, and have no clue about balance sheets, income statements, or statements of cash flows. Whether you own a business, plan on starting one, or just want to control your own assets, you'll find everything you need to know:

  • How to prepare and use financial statements
  • How to manage budgets
  • How to deal with audits and auditors
  • How to control cash flows
  • How to use accounting ratios to interpret financial statements
About Books
About Books
Accounting for Non-Accountants Study Guide and Workbook can be used to enhance your learning experience as you discover the role that accounting plays in your personal and business life. The outlines, multiple choice questions, and essays will challenge as you learn. The examples will guide you as a learning tool so that you can relate accounting information in a real world situation. The study guide is a useful tool that will enable the student to seek knowledge beyond the textbook. The study guide is designed to challenge and reinforce the learning experience. Dive in and learn accounting to improve not only your personal life but enable you to make better business decisions. This book is the perfect companion to Accounting for Non-Accountants:
  • 100+ Real World Problems
  • Enhance Your Learning Experience
  • Internet Resources for Each Chapter
  • Multiple Choice, True/False and Problem Exercises


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