The Doctor’s Guide to Owning a Financially Healthy Practice: What They Don’t Teach You in Medical School

Health care professionals who want to be successful don’t turn over their accounting to a bookkeeper and forget about it. You must understand your finances and keep them in order to operate a profitable practice. Join Dr. Sarah with the Desert Medical Care Co., a fictitious firm, as she navigates the world of accounting to establish a successful practice. Enrich your professional and personal life with explorations of the following:
• Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and how to abide by them;
• The components of the balance sheet;
• The transactions that affect the income statement;
• The importance of cash flow your business;
• The benefits of working with a certified public accountant;
• The advantages of budgeting.
Transactions become more complex and varied for Dr. Sarah as she expands her business. The foundation of it all, however, remains a basic understanding of accounting. Get the solid foundation you need and avoid the mistakes that could wreck everything you’ve worked so hard for in The Doctor’s Guide to Owning a Financially Healthy Practice.

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