Accounting Videos part 1 and 2

Do you want to learn Accounting in an easy and funny way?  Yes funny!

I recently was reintroduced to two DVDs on Accounting written by The Standard Deviants Academic Team, recommended by over 500 accounting professors.  I have been teaching accounting for a long time and never have come across basic accounting information taught in a humorous manner and size enjoyable and correct version you have to check this out

And for a limited time, when you buy the book “Accounting for Non-Accountants” by Dr. Wayne Label in Amazon, we’ll give you a code for 20% off to purchase the videos. Just send us the image of your book purchase to: [email protected], and we’ll send you back the discount code.
The non-discounted price is $19.95 for one video or $35 for two.
The first video of his financial accounting and the second is managerial accounting.

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