Accounting for Non-accountants, the fast and easy way to learn the basic (Chinese version)

This is one for the “learned accounting” of the people,
“Know the fastest speed accounting” classics.
With the successive changes in accounting principles, within three years of the new book republished,
far more than the number of similar books.
“Most people will teach accounting,” with storytelling, to help change all accounting expert laymen.

When it comes to accounting, what do you think?
. Boss also confused company in the end do not make money – income statement and cash flow statement to see which fishes?
. When the supervisor told me to meet a bunch of direct financial terms, as if I was born to understand accounting
. This company can not be ah? Said a lot of money assets; see income statement lose money, but it can entertain staff travel.
. Compulsory accounting business students, found that “over, after a nap and consequently do not understand the respect.”

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