Let’s Get Started

Let’s Get Started

May 17, 2017

Good Morning to the what I hope will be the beginning of a long and productive place to share ideas about making your small business (it is not small to you–it is your life) a success.

But let’s start today with why you should listen to me.

Because I have a Ph.d in Accounting? That helps but NO

Because I have a CPA? That helps, but NO

Because I have taught Accounting at 17 Different universities over the past 40 years? That helps, but NO

I think the major reason is that I have been in your shoes in starting my own businesses and helping more than 200 others do the same, not only to start their businesses but to make them successful. Most small start-ups are not successful but more on that in the coming blogs

Come and join me in a discussion when I can share with you my history and knowledge and where I can learn from you

Have a great day

Dr. L (as my students have always called me: thus: [email protected]

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