…Exploring the Ins and Outs of Double Entry Accounting

...Adjusting entries are necessary to record even though they don't have an exact date attached to them. Things like depreciation, prepaid insurance premiums and bad debts (accounts your business will not likely collect) are all taken care of through adjusting entries. At the end of an accounting period, after the initial trial balance works out, these entries will be recorded and posted to make sure the financial statements are as accurate as possible for

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…Defining and Understanding the Corporation and Its Accounting

...Corporations may also choose to issue stock dividends if their cash is unavailable or needed elsewhere. Stock dividends give a shareholder a larger claim in the company. Another option is to issue a stock split, which is often used to attract more investors by lowering the price (splitting the stock). Such interest in the shares will hopefully push the stock price back up, resulting in profit for those who held shares before the split. In basic terms

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